FailSafe PM Contract Service

Scope of Work

SNYDER TECHNICAL SERVICES, L.L.C. ‘FAILSAFE’ PM Service for landfills provides a complete service to centrifugal gas extraction blowers, and other types of rotating machinery. The PM Maintenance Service comprises (1) Data Collection, (2) Evaluation & Analysis, and (3) Emergency Service.

Data Collection

Data Collection of equipment is scheduled at pre-approved intervals to meet the needs of each installation. The STS service technician will perform the following services:

  • Installation inspection - Check condition of mounts, hold down bolts, vibration isolation pads, and note any abnormalities or defects, etc…
  • Vibration analysis - Measure & record vibration levels in 3 planes, if possible, at pre-designated points on bearings & gear assemblies, to monitor operating condition of the machines
  • Bearings - Monitor condition by measuring vibration acceleration levels and temperature levels
  • Shaft Alignment - Verify using Laser Optalign
  • Coupling - Check condition
  • V - Belts - Inspect, check tension, verify alignment
  • Review any minor problems noted in the Operator Log
Evaluation & Analysis:

Data collected will be reviewed, analyzed, and entered into computer. Vibration logs of each monitoring point, and each machine, will then be prepared, graphs plotted, and reports generated. A report letter will summarize the findings in easy to understand format.

Emergency Service:

Emergency Service is normally provided within 24 hours after notification of machine failure. This service includes complete system diagnostics for electrical, and/or mechanical, motor/blower failures. However, it is understood, that STS may invoice for this service the time and material necessary to diagnose and repair any failure not otherwise considered to be part of this contract.


Any and all spare parts used in the maintenance of the above equipment are to be supplied by the facility. A parts inventory will be maintained at the facility to expedite the repairs. The electrical controls maintenance will be limited to the factory supplied control panel provided by the equipment manufacturer.

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